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Possum Wool Socks

Men's socks ... Women's socks ... Children's socks ...

in fact socks for all ages ...

All the possum-merino wool items are 40% fur - fur which is hollow - and the reason that these socks are so cosy warm.  Once worn, rarely removed.  Even though we are in polite company I still feel compelled to tell you that these socks do not need washing quite as often as normal wool socks, or even normal socks ...

Once worn, it is highly likely you'll want more of these - but they last such a long time (washed at 30 degrees C) and I didn't build longevity into the price!  Thus, now available in both double (save £1 a pair) and triple packs (save £2 a pair!)

GBP 64.00
Children's Cosy Kiwi Socks