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Insoles Original - EVA Backed
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Insoles Original - EVA Backed

GBP 39.00
Winter 2020
5-6, 7-8, 9-10 eva in stock. 3-4 and 11-12 to order

We do have 3-4 in both original and shoeboard in stock.

New and improved!

After much sole-searching (and soul-searching!) our lovely manufacturers have opted to put an EVA backing on our original insoles. This is for any number of reasons, but we are hoping that this move makes the insoles even more useful and reliable than before:

The Backing ...

Things to know:

  • the backing is 2.5 mm thick - but also low density - so quite soft and thus adds little to the height of the insoles
  • the backing provides some additional cushioning 
  • the possum insole will be just 'rigid' enough to prevent bunching - or rucking
  • the backing provides a good grip so the insole won't slide around
  • the back of the original insole is covered - so looks a little smarter
  • and the insoles can still be washed!
  • The possum will still be some of the best insulation ever in your shoes and boots against cold (as tried and tested by our customers over 10 years).

The Topping ...

Absolutely excellent insulation on cold days. Surprising very useful on warmer days too!  These possum pelt insoles are also just the thing for tired, sore or uncomfortable feet. For best shoes or wellington boots, the insoles take up very little room and the fibre moulds around the foot.

These insoles require fitting into one pair of shoes or boots and leaving there to bed in. Always a repeat order item. (Also known to help prevent foot odour!) ‘The best thing since sliced bread!’

One very hot CLA Game Fair I (Carolyn) had unbearably sore feet having stood for two days in the heat, with a day to go.  I cut down a pair of 5-6 insoles to fit just so in my summer pumps, and lo! - feet sore no more.

The insoles are hard-wearing, most people finding that they last two years ... some people even three (even when worn every day in wellies).  Sometimes they last only one year.  The insoles are a very good quality product that we do promise you would be pleased with.

To read more about possum fur click here.  Essentially, possums are a non-native pest in NZ.  The possum eats the eggs and chicks of native birds, and eats their habitat too.  Possums are also known to spread TB amongst cattle.  Ecological choice has been made in favour of the indigenous species.  Possums are culled and up to 30 years ago were 'thrown away'.  Instead of being disposed these much better use is made of them (including some of the meat going to overseas).  Possum fur is acknowledged by the WWF in New Zealand.

When ordering:
Please specify thicker or thinner pelt if there is a preference. Thicker if for wellington boots possibly, thinner for dress shoes.
Sizing is dual so a UK size 4 shoe will take 3-4. However, for a size 6 ½ shoe it would be best to have a 7-8 and trim the insoles with scissors.


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