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The choices are possum-merino wool or possum pelt, then fingerless or ... er ... with fingers.  All three styles for adults are very popular.  Children have been known to drag them on every morning.  What's more, of course, they all really work.  Interestingly, and I don't make any medical claims, several customers suffer with Reynaud's, and find the gloves invaluable.


PMS Gloves
GBP 24.50
GBP 44.00
GBP 139.00
Ladies' Possum-trimmed Lambskin Gloves
GBP 135.00 GBP 87.75 Save GBP 47.25
Men's Lambskin Gloves
GBP 108.00 GBP 54.00 Save GBP 54.00
PMS Fingerless Gloves: Purple, Medium
GBP 24.50 GBP 19.50 Save GBP 5.00
Original Fingerless Gloves, Large
GBP 19.00 GBP 14.00 Save GBP 5.00