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GBP 139.00
Possum Wristwarmers
Winter 2020
Small and medium available.
One of the small pairs is very very small. 
There may be the possibilities of orders be fore 8 November. Please enquire.

Update Winter 2019
Currently all gone! There may be the possiblity of finding some for you ... please email if you would like us to hunt New Zealandt for them for you.

UPdate Winter 2018
We have the VERY LAST pairs we could get our hands on:
Extra large are in stock! Not in great numbers so do please email or phone 01225 292 025 first.

No more small or medium. Sadly.

KiwiKate Ltd

These are an incredible way to keep hands warm when you would like your fingertips to be exposed. The possum pelt wristwarmers keep the wrist warm – and that’s the key. The pulse point is protected and thus warm blood is pumped to your fingers. Tried and tested. Bought for all sorts of activities including open top cars, gardening, tennis and beating!

Sizing is based on wrist circumference:
Small: 16.5-19 cm (6.5-7.5 inches)
Medium: 19-21.5 cm (7.6-8.5 inches)
Large: 21.5-24 cm (8.6-9.5 inches)
Extra large: 24-26.5 cm (9.6-10.5 inches)

A more snug fit is advisable as the wristwarmers are pelt, and will mould to the hand.

Possum is a natural fibre and comes in shades of grey and brown - I  call them 'natural grey' and 'natural brown'.  In fact, there can be a mix of grey and brown in all pelts, complete with streaks of what could be described as blonde.  I offer natural grey and natural brown as a way of giving customers a chance of preference.  However I will contact you if the pelts available are the opposite shade to that which has been ordered.  I do hope this hepful ramble makes sense!

Keith Reynolds 2006

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