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The children's range starts with babies and finishes at about 10.   The same possum-merino mix that is used for adults warm goods, the same twin-faced sheepskin for their slippers.  Warm children, happy children!


Children's Insoles
GBP 15.00
Cosy Kiwi Socks for Children
GBP 109.00
Babies' Paddington Slippers
GBP 24.00 GBP 16.01 Save GBP 7.99
Babies' Lambskin Booties
GBP 29.00 GBP 19.34 Save GBP 9.66
Children's Bobby Sheepskin Slipper Boot
GBP 35.00 GBP 23.45 Save GBP 11.55
Cosy Kiwi Scarf for Children
GBP 19.00 GBP 12.35 Save GBP 6.65