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Double Pack Shoeboard Insoles
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Two pairs of possum insoles for unbelievable insulation and comfort

Double Pack Shoeboard Insoles

GBP 64.00
Pair 1 Size
Pair 2 Size
Winter 2018 Update
These are being outmoded because the original insoles are now backed with shoeboard EVA, which is more flexible, but will prevent the insoles moving. We have 3-4, 5-6 and 9-10 in stock. 7-8 and 11-12 are now out of stock of shoeboard insoles.
Two pairs (same or mixed sizes) of shoeboard insoles at a slightly reduced cost.  
Usually £33 a pair, buy two pairs for £2 discount.

Insoles with Shoeboard Backing
KiwiKate stocks these for people who need protection from the cold but are apt to twist around on their feet such as dairy farmers in the milking shed or parlour, or for those with wider feet or for those who just prefer these to the Originals! The shoeboard provides a stiffening to ensure that the insoles do not move about in your boots.

Made by the same people who make our original insoles - and they've been making these for years ... and years ... and years ...   The shoeboard backing really does make a difference to some people. 

Shoeboard backed insoles may be moved about from one pair of boots to another.

Please be aware that these take up slightly more room in your boot - as the shoeboard is approx 2mm thick.  They will make a tight boot even tigher, so the original insoles would be better in these instances.

Sizing is dual so a UK size 4 shoe will take 3-4. However, for a size 6 ½ shoe it would be best to have a 7-8 and trim the insoles with scissors.


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