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Customer comments


LOVE our customers! ...

Hi Carolyn

Just to let you know that the items arrived safely this morning at 7.20 am :)

Oh my God Carolyn I can't tell you how pleased I am with them especially the fact that the poncho actually fits me - amazing!!

Once again, thank you so much for all your efforts.

LW, Bedfordshire

Hi Carolyn
Thanks very much for my possum insoles and socks. The insoles have transformed my very old ugg boots. Not sure where to put the others, maybe in my walking boots? Always good to know that I'm helping to save the wildlife of NZ as well

EA, Devon, again, later in April 2014

Hi Carolyn
My gloves I bought from you have been amazing! And are the first ones that actually fit me as I've got little hands and so warm. The insoles are for some very old Ugg boots that I wear as slippers in our unheated house!

EA, Devon, April 2014

Hello Carolyn
I’m the cello playing pianist for whom my mother recently ordered a pair of merino-possum fingerless gloves.  They are absolutely BRILLIANT and I wore them throughout the school summer term (Yorkshire!). I shall be getting more as a surprise for Christmas and love the range of colours you offer.  I’ve also recently passed on your details to a colleague at school who was very interested to hear about merino-possum socks in particular.
For a musician they are so good because they are very light weight and allow full finger flexibility while providing real warmth.  Thanks, a real life saver.
Best wishes                                                                                                                     LD, Yorkshire


Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for the e-mail.  The gloves have safely arrived.  You have no idea what a godsend they are!  My pianist-cellist daughter has  developed severe circulation problems and when she was in New Zealand in the spring  discovered possum gloves.  She didn’t know whether they would help but bought some, found them excellent and rued not being able to pursue the idea.  By chance I found your website, and the neutral colour fingerless gloves have saved the day.  She says they are very unobtrusive with summer clothes and she actually wears them while teaching.  I shall doubtless be revisiting you in the future!

Best wishes from a very grateful customer!

LD, Hampshire, July 2013


I did want to tell you how glad I am to have found your products. I bought my first gloves from you at Badminton horse trials. You assured me that I would find them helpful for my circulation problems. I was sceptical as I have not found anything that works. However, I am pleased to report that they do indeed work! I now have seven pairs in different colours. I probably look a bit odd wearing gloves in summer but I do not care. The problem I have causes me a great deal of inconvenience and is quite painful at times.  So I am very grateful to have discovered possum fingerless gloves. - WS, Oxfordshire, June 2013


Thank you for being the sock lady. love them. - DW, Scotland, January 2013


Moccasins are absolutely wonderful and still going strong! I love them (Purchased December 2009)

FK, Gloucstershire, November 2012

Hi KiwiKate,
The socks rock!
Its good that the post to me is traceable (I see from the socks box). ... Many thanks

PW, Netherlands, November 2012


Thank you. Arrived this morning. Brilliant service. Nicely wrapped and friendly instructions. Enjoy the game against Scotland on Sunday. Cheers. 

NC, Staffordshire, November 2012


Wow! The jumper arrived this morning and it was well worth the wait!! It is a thing of beauty! So difficult to find a really soft, warm and different jumper, and I usually buy cashmere. I can't remember where I saw your advert, was it at the back of Harpers? Anyway I am so pleased that I sent off for it! The asymmetric collar and finish at the sleeve cuff is beautiful, and lifts it into such a different league.

Thank you again, I am hoping to make it to the Compton Marbling Fair where I see you are planning to be - I may be further tempted!!

Best wishes,

MR, Wiltshire, November 2012

(Cable Collar Boxy Jumper)


I have the snuggliest feet ever thanks to your in soles. Improves [insert well known country boot brand] to perfection. Thanks


Dear Kate
Thanks so much for my gloves! They arrived on Saturday morning and I'm delighted with them!

CR, Oxon, October 2012

Thanks for the insoles which arrived in super-quick time and look wonderful.  Unfortunately, I opened them in front of my children who immediately jumped on them.  The left one has now been adopted by Toby (2) and is called Fuzzy-wuzzy.  The right one has been taken by Eve (5) and is called Snuggles.  If I can't get them back soon I may have to order another set...!   EK, Shropshire, August 2012

Spent a week in the Lake District with just 2 tops, 2 pairs of boxers & 2 pairs of socks each (could have got away with 1!!!) talk about packing light! Fabulous gear. The best available ( we've tried them all). 

S and A Gloucestershire, July 2012

Re: Possum Moccasins

As they're almost your little children we thought you'd like an update on the slippers. From the moment we unwrapped them we just knew they were going to be special. Slippers that come in their own special bag are never going to be run of the mill but when we opened the bag it looked like it contained several possums such was the fluffiness of the contents. The outside of the slipper is a really durable yet supple hide but almost bursting from the inside was the most astonishing furry display we've ever witnessed!!!!
They are the comfiest, softest, lushest possum fur imaginable. I've been told that the sensation is incredible!
They are expensive, and this is a special gift but I felt they were excellent value for money and were worth every single penny.

Thank you so much for the outstanding customer service - you will be receiving further orders from us in the future.

Many thanks,

- John, Dorset, June 2012

"Hi Carolyn  The gloves arrived and they are great.  They're a present for a girlfriend of mine who REALLY suffers from cold in the winter (and  this summer its been so cold) so I will try and let you know how they work when the temp goes down. But they are a lovely colour and feel soft and snuggly.  Thanks for the super service ..."

EB, Harpenden, July 2012

"Hello there, received the socks this morning, absolutely thrilled to bits with them so have ordered this other pairfor my mum who lives in Canada where temperatures can get to -20 and more in winter!!! Thanks for your impeccable service!!!" LH, Hull, June 2012

"Its arrived safely. and is so perfect. Everything about it is lovely.  Thanks very much.  Suzie, Oxon, May 2012

"Dear Carolyn, This is to let you know that that my order has just arrived safely for which very many thanks. Lovely socks - I'll never buy any other make." - Simon, 9 May 2012

"Thank you for excellent service socks arrived this morning well done"  - David, Eire, May 2012

"I will put a cheque in the post tomorrow, can't survive lambing without possum insoles!!" Lynne, January 2012


W's parcel arrived yesterday. I said "I think it's your jumper" and he said " It can't be - it's too light, it doesn't weigh anything" and I said "That's why they're so lovely - they don't weigh anything and yet they're so warm and they feel like they're kissing you..."   It's lovely.  Thank you so much.

CM, Dorset, January 2012

"Thank you for sending the boots so promptly.  They fit beautifully and will be a joy to wear now we are beginning a cold snap.  I am sure I will get great pleasure from them.  RRP, Wiits, Jan 2012

"Socks are great, have worn mine the entire winter in wet West Wales and in wellies most weekends, total convert." YR, London, January 2012

"Thanks for sending the box of merino and possum goodies.  They went down a storm with my mum.  She is having her chemo today and said 'oh next time see if they have an all-in-one-suit as the hospital gowns are very cold!'  CF, Dec 2011


I found you by Googling "*NZ-Possum-Merino-Online-Shop-UK*"... and then the name and the website layout/vibe sold me!

A Christmas Shopper, 11 December 2011


Hi Kate, I'm just back from Finnish Lapland where my possum socks, insoles and 30 Below hat kept me lovely and warm. The average temperature ranged from -17 to -33 and I never felt the cold at all. Warm head, warm feet, thank you very much. All the best, kind regards GS, Gloucestershire, 2011

"Thank you for your help - I am now swathed in possum and it looks and feels delicious!" JC, Dec 2010

"Looking forward to receive the socks.  I've heard they are just fabulous for freezing feet!" CBR, Oct 2010

"Thank you so mch for our beautiful possum-merino mittens.  My mother adores them and we are delighted with the order.  Sadly it is chilly enough here for us to wear them, especially last weekend when we had snow in the Cairngorms!" MM, May 2010

"I would like to thank you for the quick service I received." DC, April 2010

"Thank you SO MUCH.  I love everything I've got through you." JA, West Sussex, March 2010

"Thank you so much ... love my wristwarmers!"  SP, Essex, February 2010

"[30 Below] Hat is a huge success.  Many thanks" SK January 2010

"Thank you so much for my lovely headband.  i am delighted with it." CD, January 2010

"My Aunt was so thrilled with her gilet and it really suits her.  The grey cardi was for me and is super warm and perfect thanks." SP, Scotland, Jan 2010

"With the Arctic weather we are experiencing the only things keeping me warm at the moment is my lovely hat and gloves.  They've stopped me getting hypothermia!"  DJ, Norfolk, January 2010

"Thank you very much for my order that arrived yesterday - beautiful products as I had expected! Thanks too for the various clearning/care instructions - greatly appreciated!  LFD, Northants July 2009

"I love and live in mine [gilet] and when my mother saw it she wanted one."  LS, November 2008

"To: Possum Recycling Department, hi, I would like to order some more socks.  I've been telling my sister how good your socks are, and she wants to try them out while walking her dog!" MHT, West Sussex, March 2008

"... I still have the lovely cardigan i got from you last year and it's great.  I also notice that it doesn't irritate my skin like pure wool does and is incredibly warm which is great for this time of year."  JM, Western Isles, February 2008

... I have been absolutely delighted with some of the same socks which you sent me last year."  MH, Hants, February 2008

"Dear KiwiKate, Here I am asking you to warm my toes again in these awful storms. "  KC, Perthshire, February 2008

"Thank you for sending the booties [Pixies] - they're super!  Also your debit card ...!" ST, Dorset, January 2008

"I bought a jumper and a pair of cushionsocks at the Perrott Hill School fair.  They are a delight to wear and I've been making lots of recommendations!"  LD, April 2007

"I got your parcel today, great delivery!  When I opened it all I could say was 'WOW'.  Everything is great. I am sure the thicker socks will work and the insoles are so soft I am sure they will make a difference." JM, March 2007

"My olive beanie hat is fantastic - love the colour and the soft possum wool.  In fact I like it so much would you please send me another - this time in brown." Feb 2007 [13 days after olive beanie sent!]

"After testing out your fabulous slipper socks, my husband has decided that he would like some cushioned socks." KH, Jan 2007

"Well done on the whole possum/produce thing; an excellent idea.  I hope you make a fortune out of it and thin the little devils out into the bargain. ... Send socks and insoles ahead as the children are not as tough in the foot department as our Kiwi friends!"  JC Dec 2006 [Ed: Kiwi kids are often barefoot in the summer]


KiwiKate's insoles have had a fab review by Alistair Robertson in The Scotsman January 2009.  Here's a link to 'NZ Vermin the New Ermine' (!).