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Terms and Conditions



KiwiKate Ltd was incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 on 15 August 2013. Her company registration number is 8652113.

KiwiKate Ltd operates two ways: via this website (, via,  and your rights are covered by two main Acts: The Sales of Goods Act 1992 and the Distance Selling Regulations of 2000.

The Sale of Goods Act 1992 covers you when both purchasing from KiwiKate Ltd at an event or via her website (or over the telephone).   In addition, when you are shopping via the website (or over the telephone) your rights are further covered by The Distance Selling Regulations of 2000.  The Sale of Goods Act deals with in the main issues surrounding the quality of the goods.  The Distance Selling Regulations (as the name suggests) deals with issues surrounding the method of purchasing (for example, not being able to see/touch/try on the goods before purchasing).

There are one or two other laws pertaining too - but these are the main two and of course - I just want you to enjoy not only your KiwiKate Ltd wonderful warm, lovely, practical wear, but also the shopping experience! 

There is that other 'law' too - the law of common sense, of which of course we all have an abundance of!

The following applies to shopping on the website (or over the telephone to 01225 292 025). Please note that we no longer take payments over the phone. All payments must be via the website or internet banking/direct deposit into KiwiKate Ltd's NatWest bank account.


Returns Policy

We have very few items returned for a refund.   There are a few more instances of exchanges of course - and KiwiKate Ltd is happy to oblige as long as the conditions are met by both parties.  The propensity for few returns is one KiwiKate Ltd would like to maintain!  'She' isn’t Johnnie Boden, although she’d quite like to aspire to his dizzying heights one day. Please call if you would like to discuss products before purchase. This will save all the to-ing and fro-ing, postage costs, wasted packaging and so on.



Under the Distance Selling Regulations you have the legal right to cancel your order within seven working days of receipt of the goods (beginning the day after the goods have been received by the customer).   These circumstances would arise if the goods were faulty, or if the goods were not suitable for your purpose.  We will refund for these goods providing they are not damaged or have been worn and that labels are in tact.  It may be that you would prefer an exchange (rather than a refund) and this of course is preferable.  In the case of the return of goods within 7 days, the postage costs, as well as the cost of the goods, are refunded.

After the seven days, and under the Sales of Goods Act you are entitled to a refund should the goods prove to be faulty within a further, yet reasonable period time, for example, approximately 14 days.  Each individual case will however, be taken on its on merits.  (KiwiKate Ltd does stand by her products - if due or appropriate care is taken then of course products that take longer than a week to prove faulty would be refunded).  To reiterate, this is on the proviso that the goods have been cared for in the appropriate manner. If goods are faulty on delivery you should inform us immediately in order that we can offer you a suitable remedy.  Sadly, if we are not informed as soon as is practical this may reduce your statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act.



Kiwikate Ltd wants you to buy with confidence, and if you decide within 30 days that your needs would be better suited by a different product, we will be happy to exchange the product provided it has not been worn and has been cared for appropriately.  This is in addition to your statutory rights as detailed above.  Such occasions might arise when, for example, the goods purchased are a gift for Christmas or birthday, still weeks away.

If an exchange item costs more than the one originally purchased, KiwiKate Ltd will require an additional payment (including ensuing postage costs as necessary).

The address for the return of goods is the same as the address on the sticker on the original delivery:

KiwiKate Ltd
PO Box 66
PL27 7B@

It would be best to send the goods ‘signed for’ to ensure the parcel can be tracked.

I do apologise, I do not have a physical shop for you to visit. We are also open to people taking delivery of our stock for their fairs and selling for the commission, arranging their own staff (and then returning the leftovers).


Should you wish to complain please do so in writing to

Carolyn Aish
KiwiKate Ltd
PO Box 66
PL27 7BW

or via the online form on this website, or by email to
with your name, address and order number.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects your statutory rights.