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Privacy Policy Update in Accordance with GDPR Regulations

You have the right to be informed when KiwiKate Ltd collects your data
1 We collect your email address digitally when you sign up to our newsletter via this site
2 We collect your email, postal and billing addresses, and your phone number,  when you order through this site
3 We have a record of any orders you have made, archived through this website

You have a right to access any of your data we have collected
1 When you login you will be able to do this, otherwise please contact us  if you would like us to help with this

You have the right to rectify any incorrect data/information we hold about you
1 When you login you will be able to do this, otherwise please contact us  if you would like us to help with this

You have the right to have the data/information we hold about you erased
1 You can unsubscribe via a marketing email we have sent you. There is a link at the bottom
2 You can email us with 'unsubscribe' in the subject line, or in the body of the email

You have the right to restrict processing of your data, and/or the right to suppress your data that we have
` The main time we use your data is when we send you a marketing email. This happens about six times a year
2 If you would like to retain your account but not be sent these emails, please contact us 
3 The contents of your order, ie the items ordered and the value, become part of the statistics accumulated by this website. Your own personal data that you provided does not.
4 If you would like the contents of your order removed from our statistics please contact us 

You have the right to data portability
1 If you would like to know what you have specifically ordered in the past please contact us
2 details of items, sizes and fabrics are available on this site

You have the right to object
1 You have the right to object and restrict your data being used for a particular purpose - which in terms of KiwiKate Ltd would be as a recipient on our email list in order to receive a marketing email

You have rights related to automatic processing
1 We only use your data to process orders that you make, or to send you marketing emails. As discussed above, you may unsubscribe or reject marketing emails

Carolyn Aish
KiwiKate Ltd
25 May 2018

Essentially: we do not share your information with anyone - any other party, We do not sell or give away your personal data or anything about our customers to any other person or business.

We store data you have given us when ordering through this website, namely: your email address, mailing address and billing address if different and phone number  on a secure server based in the UK via who host our website. Zeald is a Auckland-based, New Zealander web developer. I chose them to get a New Zealand 'flavour' for the website, long ago in 2008. They are reputable.

If you have ordered through they have their own policies for storing data.

There are three people working in this tiny company. Two of us deal with processing and despatching your orders. The third only receives returned goods back from those customers who send to her.

We do not have any access to your payment details, including your card numbers.

Payments are processed through PayPal, and they will also be governed by these regulations.

This information will be updated as required.


Carolyn Aish
KiwiKate Ltd
May 2018

Your Personal Information

KiwiKate Ltd promises wholeheartedly to comply with the Data Protection Act and all that implies - of course!  'She' nor I will ever sell or give your information on to third parties.

Your Transaction

Credit card payments through KiwiKate's shopping cart are securely processed using the highest level of SSL secure socket technology.

Your Delivery

Where KiwiKate deems necessary, your delivery will be sent 'signed for' meaning it needs to have a signature on receipt.  When the possum goes walkabout in the post it is just a wasteful-time-hassle that we'd rather not have.  We are sure you agree. 

Your Delivery if it is a Surprise

If your delivery is to be a surprise for someone and you'd rather not have the delivery overly marked as being from KiwiKate please let us know when you make your order or Contact Us.  Documentatio can be sent to you, and gifts to a second address, with messages as appropriate.

The Planet 

KiwiKate does her best to ensure that packaging is kept to a necessary mininum.  If you do receive a cardboard box - please reuse it!

In the necessary course of business it is true that KiwiKate does a few miles during the year - for which she is planting trees.  An update on this later.


If you have any queries regarding security please Contact Us