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About Us

Goodness I don't get here very often!
January 2017

Goodness I don't get here often enough!

KiwiKate Ltd is indeed alive and well, battling exchange rates, but grateful for all that is good about 'her'.

Over the last few months we have had to go through the process of changing our major knitwear supplier. We now offer possum-merino-silk rather than possum-merino-nylon. I am sure you will agree that the new mix takes the gloves and other accessories to a whole new level, just when you thought KiwiKate's  possum-merino gloves could not possibly be improved upon.

In the coming weeks we will have the fruition of a very exciting development in cushion sole socks ... shorter and longer, for skiing and working! Watch this space.

Did you know that you can purchase our gloves, fingerless gloves and beanies on Streamline that purchase now - chortle! Just search for KiwiKate Ltd or possum and I expect we'll come up.

Ali now despatches out of Cornwall, and Carolyn answers the phone ... from Auckland! Amazing technology. Emails are indeed so much easier, but in the event that I don't answer your call I shall return it.

Please do rest assured, despite the dreadful exchange rates, which we have pulled through before, the quality of our amazingly warm, comforting, insulating products will stand the test of time and justify their purchase.

All the very best for a happy and prosperous 2017
Carolyn, Ali, Meg, Hebe and of course 'Kate.

Just Lately ... Update ...
June 2013

KiwiKate is now heading in to her eight year!  What a seven years!  We've come a long way and learned so much.  We've definitely had lots of ups and our fair share of downs.  However, being of the 'if you keep doing the same old same old you'll keep getting the same old results' category, we chop and change about so that we can bring you, our much sought-after and adored customers a very unique and effective way to keep warm.

It is of no doubt to us that the reason KiwiKate survives and thrives is down to the amazingness of possum.  Possum fur is recycled into insoles, headwear and gloves for use in the bleakest of winters.  Mixed with merino* the resulting fabric is not only luxurious but also hard-wearing with a true longevity.  Over the last seven years KiwiKate has collected her fair share of repeat and loyal customers - once tried you just know how good it is.  We are supremely grateful for our return customers, especially when they pass the message of possum on to others (hm, not sure about sounding evangelical!)

The price of possum has been rocketing, for a few reasons but mostly because as a commodity possum is finding its place in the world.  Rest assured, even if the price looks 'quite high' you are contemplating an article that is of high quality, is unbelievably insulating, gorgeous to the touch and to see, hard-wearing and long-lasting (human error notwithstanding!) 

*The optimum mix of possum-merino is 40% fur and 50% merino.  There are mixes of lesser possum but we believe the 40% to be optimum.  The 10% is either nylon or silk.  Either is good, one is possibly more washing machine wool-cycle friendly.  They both feel amazingly soft and both are very lightweight.  Is one 'better' than the other?  No.  Two of my knitwear people use nylon, two silk.  It's more down to whether or not you like a particular garment.  All KiwiKate's socks and gloves are 10% nylon, and we have not yet had enough experience of socks and gloves with 10% silk.

Most of the year can get many things out next day if not same day, and we do have our 5% discount for goods that are on 10-14 day delivery.  We are however, working to improve our delivery services especially at peak times.  At which point I'll finish on an anecdote which just goes to demonstrate the lovely people that KiwiKate attracts. 

Last Christmas, every day, twice a day, two very very lovely customers-turned-friends, a husband and wife team, more like the Dynamic Duo, Rosemary and Simon, arrived at KiwiKate headquarters and took away the mail - twice a day - and stood in their local village post office queue!  So good then that the post office in question was set up for all the local small businesses doing just the same!  Long live the village post office!

Please come and catch us on Twitter or in Facebook

Very best wishes to you all
Carolyn, Holly, Hebe and of course 'Kate
(Me, the Labradors, the business - in that order!)

The Background

I am a Kiwi living in England. On one of my trips home a few years ago I came across insoles for shoes made from possum pelt. Anyone who suffers the cold like I do will understand what I mean by the dreadful freezing feeling in my toes and feet standing around in wellies on shoot days. So, I bought the insoles, and have never looked back. They provide incredible insulation, in all sorts of boots and shoes from ‘fashion’ shoes to leather-lined wellies, and cold feet can become a thing of the past. KiwiKate was born when friends wanted warm feet too!

I know UK rural folk will understand the strife caused by imported pests such as the possum - and I am sure town people will be aware of the problems such as those presented by the grey squirrel and rabbit. Read about the havoc that possums wreak in New Zealand on this page: Our Fabrics.

Interestingly, from the very beginning, everywhere KiwiKate has been we’ve found people who had no idea about possum - but left with insoles!

KiwiKate’s initial aim was to keep your feet warm in possum - a completely natural fibre. After the possum insoles and the possum-merino socks, came jumpers in the same possum-merino wool, sheepskin boots (NZ ugs by any other name), possum hats and throws and sheepskin slippers. All completely and utterly made in New Zealand (and of course yes we support Buy Local and Buy British too - especially the dairy industry!)   Merino base layers followed, and as of late wonderful lambskin gloves and accessories for all. 

Some lines have been and gone.  Please do call if there is something you once had from KiwiKate, and would love again.  Nothing is impossible and we aim to do our utmost!

KiwiKate is now at the start of her seventh year of operation.  Milestones have been passed (most good some not so).  Hopefully you will continue to find the website easy to use.  However, we are always very pleased to take you phone calls on 07801 298365.

We've recently entered the world of Twitter and Facebook in the hope of world domination .... spreading the warmth, protection and durability, in a fabulously-looking way that is possum, possum-merino and merino.

We are still out at a few events this year.  If you have a fundraiser and would like KiwiKate to attend please do contact us.

Do keep telling me what you saw in NZ that you’d like to see here! Kia Ora and best wishes,


ps Kate's the business, I'm Carolyn, Holly's the black Lab and Hebe's her daughter!
June 2012

Holly and pups 2 1/2 hours old.  Humphrey (now Kenai), Haka, Tana, Henry (now Hugo) and Hebe.  HollyMama_and_the_Puppas_014_smaller_latest.JPG